Transform Your Business with Alteryx and Tableau


Not sure how to turn your raw, messy data into actionable insights that can support better business decision making? By pairing Alteryx, the ultimate ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform, and integrating with Tableau’s data visualization, this dream can become a reality.

Read on to get a better understanding of these tools and their ability to transform your employees, your data, and your business. Alteryx and Tableau can take the knowledge and skill set that exists in the minds of data scientists and put them into the hands of your entire team. Plus, this data pairing will increase the capacity of your processes and systems to scale with you as your organization grows.

We’ll Dive Into:

  • What is Alteryx, and what value does it offer organizations?
  • Why is Alteryx the ETL tool of choice?
  • What are the benefits of connecting to Tableau?
  • How do I connect Alteryx and Tableau?

Transforming Your Team and Your Data

As business has evolved to its current highly-technical state, data has become the lifeblood of any organization. It has become increasingly important to efficiently direct, store, visualize, and utilize all of the information flowing through your business. Machine learning and predictive analytics are the next-gen steps that will help revolutionize business as usual.

Getting an organization to this point, however, is difficult for a few reasons:

  1. Personnel – Data Scientists are expensive, and there is a common misconception that becoming a data company means hiring a bunch of new people with a data-specific skill set.
  2. Current Setup – Most information systems developed in-house were set up and grown organically, not necessarily built and engineered to scale.
  3. Tools – Lack of knowledge regarding software capabilities, coupled with the complacency and money-saving motives to bend current tech to fit data-driven needs.

What Makes Alteryx Worth It?

Simply put, it’s easy and it’s useful. Alteryx is a leading self-service data analytics platform used to prepare, blend, enrich, and analyze data. Many analytics platforms struggle to find the balance between using a simple, easy-to-learn design and maintaining a fully functional tool that will allow data scientists and analysts to properly solve business problems. Using a simple, drag-and-drop interface, Alteryx is quick to implement yet capable and incredibly powerful.

Does your organization often receive data in different formats?
Are you collecting data from a variety of different sources?
Do you perform complex data manipulations on those sources?

If so, you know that writing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts is time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. Alteryx is built to easily handle these ETL processes. Troubleshooting and adding on additional data sources is straightforward and quick. As a result, you’ll eliminate a lot of maintenance responsibilities of your developers and engineers, freeing them up to focus on the tasks and functionality that will move your business forward.

Benefits of Connecting to Tableau

For the majority of organizations, the end-goal of any data project is to produce rich, impactful visualizations and dashboards to analyze business performance. By combining Alteryx and Tableau, users can spend less time preparing, blending, transforming, and analyzing data and more time visualizing and sharing insights. This leads to data-driven decisions that impact your entire company. Your team can easily import and prepare data from multiple sources, apply advanced predictive analytics using the simple drag-and-drop workflow, and then quickly convert the dataset to Tableau to produce real-time, shareable insights across the organization.

With Alteryx and Tableau, you can easily handle any data source that’s thrown at you. As a result, you can create beautiful, easily shareable reports. With Alteryx, you unlock all of the benefits of Tableau while eliminating the headache of auditing, cleaning, and scrubbing your data during the ETL processes.

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How to Connect Alteryx + Tableau

The seamless integration between Alteryx and Tableau is very simple. It’s as easy as dragging one of the many different output pills into your workflow. Alteryx can output the data directly to a Tableau .tde file or publish the data right to a Tableau Server, updating dashboards automatically.

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Alteryx turns your raw, messy data into actional insights to better support your business decision making. Its highly capable, yet easy-to-learn interface can help your business prep, enrich, and analyze any dataset. Moreover, with the seamless Tableau integration, you can turn that data into valuable insights.

Data is a part of every business today. Successful use of your data can provide invaluable direction and data-driven strategy to your organization. At Eide Bailly, our goal is to make every company a data company. If Alteryx and Tableau seem daunting to you, you aren’t alone. That’s why it helps to work with a certified partner. If you’re unsure of next steps or how to get started, Eide Bailly has you covered. We would love to walk you through what this might mean for your team and how it can help you transform not only your data but your business results. Say goodbye to messy data and hello to real data insights.

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