Salesforce + Tableau + Snowflake = A Data Win for Businesses


Today’s leading technologies are making big plays in the data game, but perhaps none more so than Salesforce. The world’s leading CRM solution and SaaS pioneer has made a number of strategic investments to acquire or financially back data-based businesses. And really, it makes perfect sense.

Salesforce revolves entirely around the customer. At its core, it is a data platform, housing high-value information essential to growth and future profitability. Salesforce’s investments in Einstein, integration platform MuleSoft, and data visualization software Tableau underscore the market need to act on their data.

It should come as little surprise then that Salesforce recently invested in and announced a partnership with cloud data management and warehousing platform, Snowflake. Snowflake’s data storage solution is designed to “unlock all the potential of your data,” a perfect fit for Salesforce’s overall strategic direction.

As a leading partner with Salesforce, Snowflake, and Tableau, Eide Bailly could not be more excited about what this means for our clients. The continued alignment and investment in data solutions centered around the customer is a win for business leaders everywhere.

“It’s great to see how Salesforce is leading the front with meaningful digital transformation for customers,” stated Eide Bailly’s Consulting Chief Practice Officer, Scott Kost. “The ecosystem surrounding Salesforce is truly unparalleled, and we expect continued growth and potential for clients through their partnership with Snowflake.”

Principal in Charge of Salesforce Consulting, Hans Hendershot, explained that “Eide Bailly continues to make significant investments in both Salesforce and Snowflake as leading technology solutions for our clients. This partnership makes a lot of sense for both companies, and our team is uniquely positioned to serve clients at the juncture of customer management, integrated systems, data warehousing, and data analytics.”

A key part of that positioning came with the addition of data analytics and DWaaS firm, Xerva, to the Eide Bailly team last year. Xerva co-founder and current Principal in Charge of Eide Bailly’s Data Analytics practice, Nathan McMurtrey, shared that “Snowflake is truly a gamechanger.”

“Data sharing is the future of business success, and Snowflake has created the ultimate platform for monetizing your data. Combined with what Salesforce is already doing with Tableau, Einstein, and MuleSoft technologies, this partnership will take business intelligence to whole new levels.”

It’s safe to say the future of data and Salesforce looks bright.

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