Eide Bailly Launches New Background Software

January 2017 | Article

We were excited to launch our new background software before 2016 came to a close. This enhanced technology brings new features to make the client experience first-class. Employment background checks are a time sensitive and vital part of the hiring process, and we strive to make your hiring decisions a little easier.


The New Quick App Option
One great feature of the new software is the Quick App, which allows you to have your applicants fill out the authorization and disclosure forms electronically and enter their own demographic information, eliminating several steps for you. It is as easy as 1-2-3:


  1.  Select the background package you would like to request
  2.  Enter in the candidate's name and email
  3. Hit Send 

NOTE: You will be notified by email when the applicant has completed the request and Eide Bailly automatically receives and starts the background check.


Additional reasons to try the Quick App:


  1. No more waiting for forms to be signed
  2. No more entering
  3. No paper trail on your desk that has PII
  4. All is saved on a secure site that can be accessed anytime
Tips on Using the New Background Software


  1.  Make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox in order to receive the latest updates of the software.
  2. For a faster response, use your cell phone number to receive the authentication code, as the email method could take several hours for delivery.

If the applicant doesn't have an email address, you can provide none@gmail.com in the email field, because this is a required field. This will prompt us to mail any notifications to the individual versus email.


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