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ALERT New Email Scam

September 27, 2016

The IRS is alerting taxpayers and tax professionals that an email scam is circulating with fraudulent CP2000 notices, requesting payment related to the Affordable Care Act. The fraudulent notices instruct the taxpayer to send a check made payable to "I.R.S." to a P.O. box address.  

Notice CP2000 is a real IRS letter sent in many instances where information reported on a tax return does not match information returns submitted directly to the IRS (e.g. Forms 1099, 1098, W-2, etc.). However, the IRS does not initiate contact via email or social media, and any tax payments sent to the IRS should be made payable to "United States Treasury" and mailed directly to an IRS address rather than a P.O. box.

Any letter or call received from the IRS should be scrutinized to determine whether it is authentic. If you have received an email, or phone call said to be from the IRS, particular caution is advised.