How Salesforce Digital 360 Can Streamline Your Processes and Enhance the Customer Experience


Digital transformation is on the minds of many business leaders right now. The pandemic accelerated trends that were already well underway, with customers wanting information and products faster than ever before. While the move toward digital is often talked about with B2C companies, over 65% of B2B brands also plan to invest more in ecommerce.

One of the key components of digital transformation is meeting the changing needs of your customers and improving the customer experience through streamlined processed and a digital business model. The challenge is that digital transformation requires organizations to adopt a multidisciplinary mindset. Functions like sales, marketing and service can no longer operate in silos and need to work as one so that everyone can rally around the customer. 

This is precisely what Digital 360 from Salesforce can help achieve. 

What is Salesforce Digital 360?

Salesforce Digital 360 is a CRM platform that takes data from across departments and ties it together into a single source of truth — turning disparate data into actionable metrics. This allows businesses to connect with their customers on the platforms they prefer in the ways they prefer. When organizations have the capabilities of understanding each individual customer, they’re able to better suit everyone’s specific needs and desires.

Digital 360 combines industry-leading marketing, commerce and experience clouds to help create seamless online interactions. It also has three exceptionally important aspects responsible for the success of its users: 

  • It's driven by data.
    By integrating commerce systems, marketing technology, service portals and social media together on a cloud-based platform, you can effectively create a more educated strategy.
  • It's obsessed with customers.
    After compiling and organizing all of your data, you’ll be able to create personalized experiences for everyone, essentially giving you the power to please every customer.
  • It's future-proof
    Instead of a standard software update, Digital 360 is designed as an evolving technology in itself. In other words, everyone and everything else adapts to Digital 360, as it’s become the industry standard of making organizations (and technologies) absolutely agile.

Along with helping you keep up with the demands of your current customers, Digital 360 can open up new opportunities that are only possible with a strong online presence. For example, manufacturing businesses traditionally have been forced to go through distributors and other cumbersome processes to sell their products. Using Digital 360, they can start to sell directly to customers, saving costs and unlocking new ways to gain valuable data. 

Who is Digital 360 For?

What size company is ideally suited for a Digital 360 implementation? At Eide Bailly, we’ve completed thousands of projects for businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises—across industries, including high tech, consumer goods, and manufacturing. Digital 360 is flexible and scalable, making it easy to start small and add functionality as your business evolves. It also integrates with your existing technology stack, even if you’re running a legacy ERP. 

Digital 360 has helped organizations focus on enhancing their customer experience by integrating sales, marketing and service into a true-cloud solution that provides a single source of truth for making data-driven decisions. Interested in learning more?

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