Increase Construction Productivity and Profitability with Salesforce

November 10, 2020 | Article

Digitize and grow your business with this powerful cloud-based CRM software

Many construction professionals are making good use of the latest technology to better manage their business. From contractors and developers to engineering and field services firms, maximizing efficiency and productivity is critical these days more than ever. Transitioning to a paperless, digitized organization is extremely important during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to create a touch-free environment, in addition to increasing profitability.

Salesforce is a powerful cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows construction professionals to capture customer information, manage projects, forecast sales and make educated business decisions. Contractors and others in the construction industry can use the data captured to boost profitability by getting a better, more timely view of expenses, maintaining a tailored, personal connection with customers, while controlling overhead costs. Modern CRM tools allows for higher profitability than paper-based methods.

Benefits to Digitizing Your Construction Business

Centralize Data - Get access to one central place for managing all relationship data, including current and past projects, bids, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and partners.

Increase Productivity - From initial bid to project completion, manage and track all active and past projects efficiently by pulling information out of email, reducing paperwork and optimizing project schedules and budgets.

Improve Insights and Visibility - Generate real-time project reports, sales forecasts and analyze profitability.

Scale With Ease - Configure Salesforce to meet the specific needs of your business as it evolves and grows.

With an effective CRM in place, contractors and developers, as well as field service, engineering and construction firms can unlock the benefits of digital collaboration. They can enable on-site execution and integrate back-office data with an effective system for customer engagement.

The Path to Digitizing Customer Interactions
One of the biggest factors that leads to inefficiency and therefore low productivity is the lack of digitization when managing customer interactions. Many organizations in the construction industry still rely on various low-tech processes such as sticky notes, white boards or disconnected spreadsheets to manage large portions of their business. These disjointed systems frequently result in lost information, slow responses to valuable customers, as well as projects. These inefficiencies also lead to an overall lack of visibility for organization leaders with critical data and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Interested in taking the initial steps towards digitization? Transform the way you do business.

Eide Bailly leverages multiple highly-efficient, interconnected tools to enable our construction, engineering and field service clients to create a centralized CRM platform for their business. Using our best practice processes built upon the Salesforce environment, we can lead our construction industry clients to highly-efficient, reportable and effective business processes from sales pipeline and forecasting to post-project service and support, as well as integration with key accounting systems.

Eide Bailly Salesforce clients experience significant benefits of utilizing a digital business process platform:

  • Centralized data visibility
  • Efficient bid management
  • Automated, enhanced employee planning and routing
  • Real-time reporting for superior decision making
  • Scalability and future proofing

Salesforce Integration Tools for the Construction Industry
There are several powerful Salesforce tools that help construction professionals digitize their business processes and increase efficiencies. They can be customized to integrate with your existing systems and simple to manage. These Salesforce tools include:

Field Service Lightning (FSL) – Prioritize your field technician work and scheduling with an AI driven platform to reduce return visits and ensure that the right technician with the right equipment is always on the job.

Sales Cloud & CPQ – Close more deals and manage complex sales cycles to get bids out more quickly and accurately while streamlining approval processes and pipeline visibility.

Advanced Project Management Solutions – Use high quality project management tools that fit your industry and are built on the Salesforce platform to deliver on time, on scope and on budget.

Regardless of which CRM software you utilize, it’s important to remember that, just like land, equipment and materials, your customer data is a valuable asset for your company. Data should be integrated, cleaned and retained as meticulously as any of your other essential assets.

Increase your productivity and profitability in your construction organization.

Industries that can benefit from Salesforce integration:

  • Solar Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • B2B/B2C Services

Types of processes that can be digitized:

  • Repair and maintenance plan management
  • Labor and service time tracking and predictions
  • Technician task process automation
  • Skill-based and territory service routing
  • Recurring process automation for accurate scoping and billing
  • Geo-based scheduling for technician travel efficiency
  • Complex system integrations with industry-specific solutions
  • Conga service reports and invoicing integration
  • Cost allocation automation with ERPs

FSL overview COVID update

Salesforce Field Service in Action
Here are a few examples of how digitization helped these businesses operate more efficiently and profitably. Your business could benefit similarly from digitization.

Supporting an Installation Team in the Field
Riggs, a high-end appliance distributor based in California with $100M in revenue and 50-100 employees, was running on a straight-forward implantation of Sales Cloud but needed more functionality out of its CRM to support a new installation division of the business. Eide Bailly implemented Field Service Lightning for Riggs, including full scheduling automatic routing, basic optimization and a robust workflow to take the team from sales through fulfillment.

The outcome was remarkable. Riggs was able to double its staff in its installation department and expand into new territories after Salesforce FSL implementation. Subsequently, Riggs has expanded its Salesforce to include Service and Community Clouds. Their team benefited from automated work order process, visual workflows for technicians and the user-friendly mobile app.

The Eide Bailly FSL team was great. They always had great suggestions, they were very collaborative and they left us empowered to maintain the system on our own.

Perfecting Scheduling and Appointments for a Field Sales Team
A solar energy company based in California with $150M in revenue and 50-100 employees, found itself heavily relying on an Excel-based scheduling system to keep track of its sales team’s appointments with prospective customers. Timeliness is essential for its sales success and the team needed a system that would automatically schedule with little oversight. Eide Bailly implemented a robust Field Service Lightning instance that leveraged a merit-based round robin scheduling automation to streamline the opportunity through work order process.

Due to the success of its initial FSL implementation in their dynamic sales environment, the solar business quickly expanded from 10 licenses to 50 during the project. They’ve since started looking to roll out the FSL system to two additional departments – its surveying team and an additional division of its sales team. The organization benefited from a low-touch perpetual scheduling automation, build in alerts, priority settings and merit-based assignment.

Construction industry professionals who are still using low-tech methods to run their business should start the process of digitization. Implementing Salesforce CRM in your operation will help increase its productivity and profitability. A customized Salesforce integration can be developed for each unique business, geared with their specific goals and growth in mind.

Build a tailored CRM to support your customers, team and business growth.


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