Maximizing What Your CPA Firm Can Offer

September 2019 | Article

Today’s business environment is complex, and the concerns and needs of your organization often require specialized knowledge to address. But executives simply do not have time to locate multiple sets of advisors for every situation that arises. What you may not realize is that there is already a multitude of specialized resources available to you in an already established business relationship—your CPA firm. Maximizing that relationship can save you considerable time and effort when challenges appear.

What Does a Good CPA Relationship Look Like?
It can take several years to fully incorporate a new CPA firm’s relationship into your organization or business and in turn, for that CPA firm to be knowledgeable enough to offer valuable, sound advice. CEOs, COOs and CFOs should strive to have a healthy, ongoing relationship with their CPA firm, who in turn should be genuinely interested in the health of the organization. The comfort level should be such that, given a change in operations or the identification of a risk or problem, the executive reaches out to the CPA firm representative to discuss and gain resources. 

To make it easy to find information or ask questions, there should be multiple contacts within the firm to whom you can reach out to. And the executive shouldn’t have to take all requests through a gatekeeper at the firm—that feels too much like needing a referral before you can get the information you need. For this to work properly, all the staff at your CPA firm should view you as their own client and be engaged and interested in talking about solutions.

What Can Today’s CPA Firms Help You With?
Today’s CPA firms are more than just accountants. They offer a wealth of specialized resources to help you tackle challenges and spur growth. Some areas where they can be great resources:

It’s Easy to Get Started
All it takes is a phone call or email to start the conversation with your CPA firm. Meet outside the annual core events of tax preparation and audited financial statements to allow for a more in-depth discussion. Consider setting up a quarterly call or meet for coffee to talk about operations and what is on your mind. Your CPA firm should care about your success as much as you do and welcome the chance to enhance the relationship and become a trusted advisor.

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