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Three Ways Manufacturers Can Improve Their Cybersecurity

September 06, 2018

While cybersecurity should be top of mind for virtually any business today, many manufacturers don’t seem to take the threat seriously. A recent poll found 40 percent of manufacturing security professionals say they do not have a formal cybersecurity strategy in place.

That’s a troubling number considering why cybersecurity is so important for manufacturers. For some, the first hurdle may simply be not knowing where to start. True cybersecurity takes a comprehensive approach, but there are areas you can look at now to get on the right track to protecting your organization.

  1. Update Your Technology
    A large number of manufacturers are using technology that is out of date and extremely vulnerable to attacks. Staying current on your technology, and helping your OT teams and IT teams work together will increase your cybersecurity by leaps and bounds.
  2. Utilize a Cybersecurity Framework
    There are already cybersecurity frameworks that can provide a good basis for how to protect your organization, such as ISO/IEC 27001. They can offer best practices and save you time when you don’t have the resources to devote more fully to cybersecurity.
  3. Choose the Right Vendors and Cyber Professionals
    Defense in depth is always a good strategy, but it’s important your cybersecurity team understands a risk-based approach is the best way to achieve comprehensive cybersecurity for your organization. They can help you choose the right tools for your unique circumstances.

Why Manufacturers Need Cybersecurity

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