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Syngenta Class Action Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

June 07, 2018

Recently, a federal court approved a $1.5 billion settlement pool for the class action suit against Syngenta over their genetically modified Agrisure Viptera corn seed. The settlement is based on the negative market price reaction due to China’s 2013 rejection of imported U.S. corn that was contaminated with the Agrisure Viptera trait.

The settlement potentially includes U.S. corn producers, grain facilities, and ethanol plants that sold, or used, the Syngenta corn seed after September 15, 2013, through the 2018 grain marketing year. Information notices on the settlement have been mailed to many corn producers and have been published by other media outlets.

To be included in the settlement, producers are required to submit a claim form. A website has been created that contains detailed information and also has links for producers to electronically submit a claim form or elect out of the class action.

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