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BEA Filing Due May 31, or June 30 using the BEA e-filing system

By Gloria Johnson

May 25, 2018

Did your U.S. business have direct or indirect ownership or control by a foreign person or enterprise at any time during 2017? If yes, you need to read on.

The BE-12 Benchmark Survey for Foreign Direct Investment in the United States is due May 31, 2018, or June 30, 2018, for electronic filings.  A BE-12 report is required for each U.S. affiliate, i.e., for each U.S. business enterprise (including real estate held for non-personal use) in which a foreign person or entity owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, 10 percent or more of the voting securities if incorporated, or an equivalent interest if an unincorporated U.S. business enterprise, at the end of the business enterprise's fiscal year that ended in calendar year 2017.

The BEA benchmark survey is conducted every five years. All entities subject to the reporting requirements must file, even if they are not contacted by the BEA. Those who would normally file a BE-15 annual survey will file the benchmark survey instead for 2017.

For full details regarding the survey, and how to complete it, click here.

If you have additional questions please contact Gloria Johnson at 303.586.8501, or Nancy Meyer at 612.253.6513, or your Eide Bailly service provider.

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