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March 2018 | Article

for accessible, fast & cost efficient eDiscovery

eDiscovery is a vast world with numerous options to assist professionals in their document review.  Several factors contributed to the choice of going with Indexed I/O (IIO) as our eDiscovery platform.  Accessibility, speed, and cost are three of the most scrutinized features when it comes to eDiscovery platforms.  We focused on the cost ratio in order to bring affordable solutions to every size law firm and individual clients that we work with.  The cost goes by the amount of data you have in a database, and with no minimum requirements, our platform is great for both small and large data sets.  There are no user license fees, or hidden costs when you choose our platform.

Processing Speed

Indexed I/O has the fastest processing capabilities that I have ever seen.  Decipher Forensics can spin up 200 Amazon servers to process through data faster so clients can review documents sooner.  As an example, we can process a terabyte of data in about an hour.  A few options are available for uploading data to be processed.  There is a drag and drop feature for data sets under 2 GB, a dedicated IIO drive for the database,  and the ability to link to an FTP site, S3 boxes, or a drop box account is also available.

User Friendly

This platform is by far the easiest to learn and use.  Training individuals can take as little as 5 minutes.  Indexed I/O features dual screen capabilities and key word highlighting as well as “tag on the fly”.  Performing with both accuracy and speed this eDiscovery platform makes review of the documents easy for us and our clients.

You and your team can be trained to work on our platform in just 17 minutes. We have created 11 eDiscovery tutorial videos that walk you through each function of our platform. You can refer to these as often as needed to refresh yourself on any particular function you need.

We offer this to make an already easy to use eDiscovery platform even easier to use. We can also handle any data collection that you might have, whether onsite or remote or cloud-based. Contact us for more details on our data collections. We also offer the fastest processor in the industry with the ability to process up to two terabytes of data in under 24 hours. If you would like a free trial using our demo case, please fill out the information to the right.

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