Digital Forensics in Your Human Resource Plan?

February 2, 2018 | Article

You need to be thinking about this!

What happens to your employee’s computer and other issued devices when they leave the company? Typically, the equipment is taken to IT and wiped clean and made available to the next employee. But you should also be asking why the employee is leaving. Are they being fired for cause? Are they a disgruntled employee? Or are they leaving for another opportunity? Are they going to a competitor, and did they have access to key files or client lists that could bring harm to the company if in the wrong hands?

What Should Happen

More and more companies are sending their former employees’ devices to Eide Bailly for examination to protect themselves against possible litigation. We call it a Human Resource Protection Plan. We act as an independent third party and create a forensic image of each device for HR and legal to hold if a suit is filed against the company, or if they feel the former employee might have conducted themselves in a manner that hurts the company and need to open an internal investigation.

We highly recommend this as a precaution when employees leave a company for any reason. Whether your company is big or small, this is a smart HR/legal standard to put in place.

The price for this service is incredibly reasonable and the turnaround is fast.

Why You Need a Human Resource Protection Plan

Why not have your own IT department do this? For the same reason that it is never a good idea to self-collect data in a litigation proceeding or represent yourself in court. It is less defensible and a standard best practice to show that an independent third party imaged the data. This takes away the possibility of questions like, “How do we know that data wasn’t erased or added to make my client look guilty?” This can certainly be proven but at a much greater expense than outsourcing to a third party.

To learn more: Contact your Eide Bailly representative or complete the form on this page. We would be happy to provide your company with this service to protect you from future litigation.

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