Spyware and your Exes

February 2018 | Article

How spyware is changing the way people get divorced

The latest trend in divorce is being amplified via the use of mobile device technology that allows them to “spy” on their spouses. You can use various “Find my iPhone” like apps among other more sophisticated tools to track your ex’s every move and more. This is both legal and illegal depending on where you are and what tools you are using, making this very complicated as both spouses and their attorneys work through their divorce.

Recently, the team at National Public Radio interviewed attorneys and as well as some Eide Bailly Forensics Examiners to better understand this new trend and what it means for spouses, and their divorce attorneys.

Have a listen to their stories now:

If you are concerned about spyware on your mobile device but don’t want to involve an attorney or the police yet, you can work with the Eide Bailly Forensic Examiners. We will review & analyze your mobile device in our high tech laboratory while carefully preserving all evidence for later use in court should that need arise. For more, check out our Cell Phone Forensic service here (link to new service) or reach out directly to us, via the form.

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