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Top Five Reasons to Attend Our Critical Access Hospital Conference

By Ralph Llewellyn

January 15, 2018

For the last five years, Eide Bailly has hosted critical access hospital providers from across the country at our annual Critical Access Hospital Conference. What started as an educational experience that goes beyond the surface has turned into a comprehensive event with tangible, actionable takeaways.

This year, we’ll be hosting providers in Minneapolis for another focused event. If you haven’t attended in previous years, here are the top five reasons why you should attend this year.


  1. Professional Development
    Each year, we offer continuing professional education credits for attendees. Participate in engaged discussions, expand your skills, and increase your knowledge. This will help fuel innovations that are needed for sustainability.

    “In the volatile political and economic environment that we all are trying to navigate, this conference has provided what I was looking for. An unbiased, non-politicized projection of what future possibilities and challenges the CAH Model will face.” ~Jason Johnson, Controller, FW Huston Medical Center
  1. Content Just For You
    The program content is relevant to critical access hospitals only. From the general sessions to the breakout topics, this conference is designed to take you deeper into the issues that critical access hospitals struggle with every day. Our speakers have walked a mile in your shoes and will explore opportunities that can make an impactful change at your facility.

  2. 1:1 Time With Experts
    Over the past 50 years, Eide Bailly has worked alongside critical access hospitals to improve the quality of health care in their community. This is also is a great chance to reconnect with or meet your peers, and share insights and solutions from your communities. We encourage interactive collaboration in the breakout sessions as well as social networking over coffee, lunch or cocktails.

    "The CAH Conference was very informational—and provided a form of interaction and questions with knowledgeable professionals. All of the speakers did a great job, were extremely knowledgeable and very willing to talk between sessions to answer additional questions.” ~Patty Van Zanten, Manager, Medical Records, Clarinda Regional Health Center 

  3. New Tips and Solutions
    Given the dynamic marketplace, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve. How do you plan for tomorrow’s regulation when you’re still grappling with current rules? What are the emerging issues and trends that impact the future? That’s why we bring together the latest strategies that can help you continue to provide efficient, quality care that adds value to your community while maintaining your profitability.

    “The conference was well organized and informative. I feel empowered with new tools and ideas to take back to our staff to help us all through the changes in health care.” ~Natalie Tuff, Population Health & Innovation Coordinator, Heart of America Medical Center

  4. Fun
    Believe it or not, we accountants like to have fun too. While this is a learning experience, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This year, we’re hosting the conference at Minnesota’s Mall of America. Walk right into the mall to enjoy bowling and games, laugh at comedy shows, visit the aquarium, shop at more than 500 stores or choose from over 50 restaurants.

Save the date—June 14-15, 2018!

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