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Recovering Deleted Text Messages

How to restore deleted text messages

By   Trent Leavitt

January 30, 2018

Recovering deleted text messages from cell phones

If you are trying to recover deleted text messages, take comfort that you are not alone. Google reports that over 8100 people every month are trying to do the same thing. Whether for criminal cases, civil cases or for personal reasons your request is not uncommon. What might be uncommon in recovering deleted text messages is actually doing it correctly. In your search for answers, you have likely found a cheap download software options. Before you do this, remember that you get what you pay for. The scientific practice of cell phone forensics is not something done with a 30 dollar download.

It requires Department of Justice approved hardware and software as well as proper training and experience. We only use hardware and software approved by the Department of Justice. We recover deleted text messages for hundreds of clients every year. We do this for a minimal fee and make all of the data on the device in question available to you, not just the recovered deleted text messages. This can include deleted pictures, videos, wi-fi connections, call logs, installed apps and the contents of them, internet browsing history to name a few.

This can all be done in varying degrees on both Android and iOS devices.

If you are trying to recover deleted text messages from an iOS device, it can be done without having to ship the device directly to our lab. Contact us for details on this service. The ability to recover deleted text messages in most cases is the smoking gun. Most messages are that are recovered hold the answers to the questions that our clients have. This would also include MMS, or Multi Media Service. The MMS message can not only contain a message in text, but also an embedded file that could be an image, video, audio, or all formats.

If you are in need of recovering deleted text messages, please contact one of our computer forensic examiners by calling us or filling out the contact form to the right.

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