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Social Media Collection Service

By   Trent Leavitt

June 17, 2017

Because Social Media is a Part of our Daily Lives, We Offer Our Social Media Collection Service to Meet the Needs of Clients in a Wide Range of Cases

A Social Media Collection to be used in court is no longer the exception, but rather the rule in numerous cases brought to us by our clients from around the country. We have the ability to preserve the sensitive data, including metadata in various forms of social media apps.

Whether you are needing to forensically preserve facebook chats or a particular facebook page, our social media collection tools and methodology skills can be put to work for you. Youtube videos and associated metadata, or Twitter and Instagram can all be captured for both criminal and civil cases.

Need a Tweet preserved? Contact us

Sites like Linkedin are filled with valuable information that can be used in employment law, litigation, patent or intellectual property law.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the use of social media in civil and criminal cases. It is important to contact us as early as possible though. Waiting could cost you the evidence that you wish to preserve. If the evidence you wish to preserve is not on an account owned by you or your client, then it is essential to get a preservation order in place as soon as possible. Doing so ensures that the data must remain in place, until it can be properly collected.

Do you have social media evidence introduced by opposing counsel? Would you like help in getting it thrown out for not being properly collected? Our Social Media Collection service can also assist in having improperly collected data thrown out of court.

Our turnaround time is fast as we utilize multiple types of software and have dedicated servers that we only use for our Social Media Collection service.

So whether you are wanting to introduce social media data into your case, or have it excluded, contact us. We can help. Fill out the form below to get in touch.