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Investment Process

May 18, 2017

Investment Planning

While Eide Bailly’s comprehensive financial planning process helps you define your needs for today, as well as your goals for tomorrow, our academically-derived investment process seeks to harness the power of the financial markets to provide a disciplined, systematic approach to helping you reach your goals.

In contrast to the traditional Wall Street approach to investing, we work collaboratively with Symmetry Partners, LLC, a Glastonbury, CT-based investment advisory firm, to provide a research-driven approach that creates innovative investment solutions specially designed for your unique and personal needs.

Investment ProcessFactors
In partnership with Symmetry, Eide Bailly Financial Services leverages more than 60 years of academic research into the dynamics of the markets and investor behavior to create comprehensive investment strategies that seek to harness the return potential of academically-derived “factors.” The elemental sources of risk premiums and expected returns, our investment process seeks to target those factors that have been shown, historically, to deliver greater returns over time.*

At Eide Bailly Financial Services, we believe that the capital markets are highly efficient. Our investment solutions are designed to be broadly diversified both within and across asset classes while targeting factor premiums from markets around the world.

Portfolio Components
To provide access to the factors and asset classes we are seeking, we’ve created the Eide Bailly Portfolios: an exclusive family of broadly diversified component portfolios designed to serve as the building blocks of your unique and personal investment solution.

Carefully engineered to meet the needs of different types of investors, individual component strategies include:

  • U.S. Equities
  • International and Emerging Market Equities
  • Income Securities
  • Market Bond
  • Tax Managed Market Bond
  • Ultra Short-Term Bonds
  • Alternative Investments

The Eide Bailly suite of component portfolio strategies are comprised of carefully selected mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) from well-known industry providers that include Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA),Vanguard, iShares and SPDR, as well as AQR Capital Management and Eaton Vance. Investment vehicles that meet our strict criteria for being transparent, liquid and low-cost, these funds provide us access to the factors we are seeking.

Behavioral Finance
As a wealth management firm with nearly two decades of experience, we understand that your emotions and behaviors can have a substantial impact on your ability to reach your long-term goals. Because we recognize the power of emotion, we’ll consider elements such as your attitude toward risk, your comfort with exposure to international and emerging market economies, as well as your feelings toward alternative investment strategies. Using this information, we’ll tailor a customized portfolio designed just for you so you can stay focused on your future, and committed to success.

The Eide Bailly Investment Solution
At Eide Bailly, we believe a successful client experience begins with our comprehensive financial planning process that helps define your current needs, as well as your goals for tomorrow. Based on those findings, your advisor will strategically allocate your portfolio across various Eide Bailly Portfolio strategies in order to to create a completely customized investment solution uniquely designed for you and your needs.

* Please be advised that adding these factors may not ensure increased return over a market-weighted investment and may lead to underperformance relative to the benchmark over the investor’s time horizon. For additional information regarding factor Investing and other important information, such as but not limited to, where you can locate information about fees and expenses please see disclosure on the back of the brochure.