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Culled Data Collection Service

Are you still collecting data the Old Fashioned Way?

By   Trent Leavitt

December 18, 2017

The standard data collection process for electronic discovery looks pretty much the same regardless of the company you are using, or the type of case you have.

We have a solution to cut down the amount of time it takes to begin the electronic discovery process, saving you time and money on your case using our culled data collection process.

Standard Data Collection


When you have our forensics team perform a Culled Data Collection you combine two steps into one. This combined process not only saves time and allows Counsel to begin the review process faster, it saves money in the electronic discovery process. While collecting the data from your case, we cull it on the fly, to take only responsive data that you have requested. No more massive collections with sensitive data leaving the confines of your business that is not needed in your case. We only take the responsive data based on the instructions we have received.

The culled collection process would look like this.

Culled Collection Process



By combining the data collection and culling at the same time we are able to save you time and money and allow for faster review of data. This gives the owner of the data piece of mind that only responsive data is being used. as opposed to having all of the data taken offsite and then culled for. Culled collections include DeNisting, DeDuplication, date ranges and keywords are to reduce the data down to a responsive only level. This combined service can be done on-site, remotely and on cloud based email such as Gmail and Yahoo.

We have been asked numerous times in this process, “What if I need to go back and run additional search terms based off my original findings?” In cases where this might be a possibility, we can run a simultaneous standard data collection all at the same time.

If you have additional questions on our collection or culling services, please contact us by either filling out the contact form, or giving us a call.