What Can an Internet Investigation Uncover? More Than You Think

November 2017 | Article

Time and time again, the internet browsing history of a person plays a pivotal role in numerous types of civil cases. Internet-based examinations are common in eDiscovery. Whether a person uses Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, their activities can be tracked. Did the person in question browse through the internet using an incognito mode or something similar? We can track that. Was the internet history deleted? It’s OK, we can recover that. Do you need to know if a person logged into a particular website? This knowledge can be used to prove hidden financials, cloud-based storage, various logins and hidden email accounts, to name a few.

Many times an internet examination is used in the discovery phase of various types of litigation.Commonly, the most important aspect of the exam is to place the person in question behind the computer at the time in question. However, when you find the key piece of evidence, you are only half done. Now the more difficult task is placing the person on the device in question and showing that in a court of law. Many times this is a tall order to fill and requires the skill and experience of a professional computer forensic expert.

Here is just a sample of what can be recovered:

  • Web history on computers, smartphones, and Xbox Internet Explorer
  • Chat logs from AIM, Facebook, Yahoo! Chat, Skype, Pidgeon and more
  • Cloud storage on Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive
  • Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail recovery
  • Peer-to-peer programs like Limewire/Frostwire, Gigatribe, and .torrent files
  • Social networking like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google+ and more

Internet examinations can be done as a stand-alone exam or, more commonly, used in cases involving eDiscovery. Internet examinations are performed on almost any device connected to the internet, including gaming consoles and smart TVs. Call us today or fill out the contact form on this page so we can get started on your internet examination. 

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