White Paper: Accounting Basics

February 1, 2018 | Article

Your financial data (even though it is expressed in numbers rather than words) tells a story of where your business has been, where your business is now, and where you can go in the future. Accounting is one of the functional pillars of your business. It takes your everyday business transactions, organizes it into meaningful data and allows you to make informed business decisions. Accounting is important to get right—the first time.

Accounting is extremely important for your business, whether it’s the day-to-day functions, or long-term goals and profitability. Having a good grip on the basics of accounting not only gives you the ability to understand what all those numbers mean, but it also means you have the knowledge to help your business continue to grow and be successful.

But what if you don’t know a ton about accounting? What if you’re not even sure how to get started? Check out our whitepaper on the Basics of Accounting. In it, you will find:

  • What you need to track and why
  • Components of a balance sheet
  • Sample balance sheet and profit and loss statement

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