Resourcefullness Award


Q:  Why should I nominate my revenue-generating efforts for the Eide Bailly Nonprofit Resourcefullness Award?
A:  First and foremost, all submitting organizations will have the chance to win $10,000. Beyond that, we will be reading each submission with an eye for new ideas, trends and effective implementation. Our hope is to share general findings with all submitters and others, following the announcement of awards.

Q:  Are there restrictions on who may apply for the award?
A:  Yes. Only 501(c)(3) organizations headquartered in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota and North Dakota may submit.

Q:  What are the criteria for evaluating submissions?
A:  Each submission will be evaluated on the following categories: Creativity, Implementation, Impact, Sustainability and Overall Impression. More information about the criteria and our judging panels can be found on the award website.

Q:  How do I provide a submission?
A:  Visit and click on the APPLICATION button.

Q:  Will my submission be kept private?
A: Information that you designate as confidential will remain confidential. Certain basic information, such as your organization name will be identified on the Eide Bailly website.

Because an important purpose of the awards is to encourage discussion and spark ideas related to creative and sustainable revenue generation ideas, submissions will be combed and used as examples in articles and at a seminar. Ideas will always be credited to the original organization.

Q: Who will be judging the submissions?
A: We are thrilled to have prestigious community leaders lined up as our award judges.  Eide Bailly staff who are unfamiliar with each state’s nonprofit market will provide an initial review of all submissions and evaluate them using the criteria that our formal judging panel will also use. From there, each judging panel will be given no more than 25 entries to review and score.  Visit the Meet Our Judges page for more information on each judge.

Q: When will winners be announced?
A:  Winners will be announced on October 23, 2020.

Q:  Are there restrictions on how the winners can use the money?
A:  None. Use it in whatever way best serves your organization and your mission!

Q:  Why is the award given only in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota and North Dakota?
A:  We work with many great nonprofits across the country, however, the greatest concentrations of nonprofits in our geographic footprint are in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota and North Dakota. We will consider additional geographic scope in coming years.

Q:  What’s in it for Eide Bailly?
A:  Like any other business, we have to get the word out about our services. Rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign, we thought we could generate just as much – if not, more – name recognition with these awards and, at the same time, make valuable contributions to the industry we cherish.