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FASB implementation done right, in record time, the first time.

Successful implementation of the FASB Not-For-Profit Financial Reporting Standard diverts time and attention away from the important activities you and your financial team concentrate on to move your organization forward. Stay focused on your mission by working with a trusted advisor who can guide you through the entire process, helping you with:
 - Chart of accounts changes and report groupings
 - Policies for board designations, liquidity management, and endowment distributions
 - Functional expense allocations
 - Liquidity measurements
 - Required restatements
 - Note disclosures
 - Conversion of financial statements
 - Presentation to your board of directors

Eide Bailly's nonprofit professionals understand the complexities and nuances of the new standard and will lead you through an efficient process to successfully implement it. We can help you save time, reduce disruption, and come away with fully compliant, more meaningful financial statements.

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Ksenia Popke



Make sure your organization has a clear path to successful implementation.