R&D Tax Incentives


You are staying competitive, but are you leaving money on the table?

As you work to continually improve your existing products and services, as well as develop new ones, you might qualify for a R&D tax credit. Depending upon the nature and timing of these investments, your organization may be eligible for these tax credits, some of which can be retroactively applied. 

The R&D credit rules now allow many organizations to meet the necessary criteria simply through their efforts to stay competitive. Some qualifying activities include:

  • Development of new, improved, or more reliable products, processes, and techniques
  • Development of prototypes or models
  • Design of tools, jigs, molds, fixtures, and dies
  • Development or customization of software
  • Automation and/or streamlining of internal processes

We take the time to understand your organization so you can take full advantage of qualifying credits. Our clients feel peace of mind knowing that we bring a thorough knowledge of tax laws and regulations to every interaction with them.

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