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Proactive insights and timely services create a value-added audit.

Most health systems consider an audit an obligation and an expense. But, if it's approached as an investment opportunity, it can be a valuable management tool to help you improve profitability and strengthen your operations and administrative practices. Independent auditors also provide assurance services, such as compilations and reviews.

You face a myriad of legislative, regulatory and other requirements you need to address. Independent auditors keep abreast of the various issues and changes impacting the industry, providing proactive, tailored insights. When opportunities are identified or difficulties experienced, auditors use their technical audit and industry knowledge to provide the best recommendations for you. As a result, you can focus on transforming your health system.

Eide Bailly has provided audit and assurance services to health systems for more than 50 years. We use a collaborative approach, working with you step-by-step as a peer. Our services are timely, and we provide practical guidance in addition to quality assurance services. We supplement audit teams with professionals who are readily available to answer your questions on operations, reimbursement, strategic financing, cyber security and a variety of other areas.

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