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Blaze trails with focused operational analysis and improvement models.

Healthcare organizations are operating in challenging environmentsfrom moving to value-based reimbursement to adapting to new technologies all while cost-cutting reaches diminishing returns. These factors make developing and maintaining a strong operational strategy mission critical.


Business advisors can help you optimize care resources to improve your financial and operational performance to become a market leader and deliver population health to your community. Business advisors can also help establish a sustainable system based on your data to assist your team with identifying opportunities and bringing them to fruition. The easy-to-navigate improvement methodologies are designed for clinics, hospitals, senior living and outpatient facilities.

Led by a team with 20 years of process improvement experience, we build on pillars of innovationtechnology, process and peopleto develop systems and use tools that harness your data. Our inclusive approach helps you:

 - Understand process streams

 - Standardize care processes

 - Achieve measured-based improvements


By applying intelligent process design, we'll transform your culture while improving patient flow, increasing patient access and maximizing staff and patient satisfaction.

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Ross A. Manson

Principal, Chief Practice Officer