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Quality MDS training leads to optimized staff performance.

The post-acute care market is an increasingly important aspect to the operational success of healthcare organizations. Senior living reimbursement is growing in complexity as the market transitions to value-based purchasing.


Business advisors can help by ensuring that you’re capturing services through proper documentation and ADL coding that leads to improved data for understanding your organization’s performance. Ongoing staff training can lead to a better understanding of required documentation.


Through the use of the improved data, business advisors will help you understand the organizational opportunities for process improvements that will lead to optimization of your workforce, improved financial performance, and most importantly, better care for your residents. 

We understand senior living facilities need to operate more efficiently to remain financially viable. Traditional MDS reviews focus on benchmarks without analyzing work processes, but it's often defects in processes that lead to excessive costs. While comparing your facility to industry benchmarks is important, we also review alternative workflow processes, eliminating unnecessary work effort to develop sustainable operational efficiencies. We recommend working smarter—not harder.  

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Brad W. DeJong

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