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Easily manage tax risks and maintain exempt status.

Tax planning and reporting for hospitals is complex, and it can be difficult to manage and comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations. Working with knowledgeable tax consultants who have focused knowledge and understanding of the current tax laws, regulations and industry trends can help you minimize your tax liabilities and ensure you don't jeopardize your tax exempt status.

Planning is especially important as the healthcare industry continues to change due to the complex business and regulatory environments. With proper planning, tax research and IRS audit support, tax consultants can help ensure your hospital is aware of and understands current tax laws and minimizes risks to its current tax status.

We combine our knowledge of nonprofit and for-profit tax with expertise in the healthcare industry to bring you unparalleled tax services. With more than 50 years of experience providing traditional compliance, tax planning and tax consulting services to healthcare providers, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs, including:
- 501(r) compliance
- Community Health Needs Assessment
- Mergers and acquisitions consulting
- Corporate restructuring
 - Tax risk monitoring and management

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Kim C. Hunwardsen

Partner-in-Charge of Tax-Exempt Organizations