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Your Medicare cost report is more important to the financial success of your organization than you might think. It’s the way Medicare, and for some, Medicaid, determines reimbursement for many services you provide as a Critical Access Hospital. Too often, CAHs simply update last year’s Medicare cost report. Preparing a cost report should involve more than reiterating last year’s filings with this year’s data. Cost reports can also provide insight about opportunities for improvement, like areas of improved compliance and possibilities for increased Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement. Annual assistance with the preparation or review of your Medicare cost report can help you increase your reimbursement, identify possible risks and make you feel more confident about your Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

Our reimbursement specialists understand how important your Medicare cost report is to your financial success. We’ll take time to understand your hospital operations to help ensure proper Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement under cost-based rules. We personalize our service, obtaining quality data and completing your cost report on time—not just in time.


We’ll help you better understand the impact of the Medicare cost report on your reimbursement—your success is our success.

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Brian F. Bertsch