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Running a casino also means keeping up with compliance on a lot of regulations, including Title 31. Developed by the Bank Secrecy Act, Title 31 requires all casinos with gross annual gaming revenue of $1 million or more draft and implement a written program and procedures to ensure compliance with the regulation.

This program must include:

  • Daily financial reporting and recordkeeping
  • An internal control system
  • Continuous employee training
  • Reporting of suspicious currency transactions
  • An annual independent audit of your compliance procedures

All of this is to ensure that your casino is protected from things like money laundering and illegal financial transactions.

Title 31 is more than just a requirement, it's also protection for your gaming enterprise. At Eide Bailly, our gaming professionals can help ensure you have peace of mind with Title 31. From performing your independent audit to ensuring your program complies with regulations, we have you covered, and hopefully protected, from money laundering and illegal financial transactions. That way, you can focus on better serving your gaming operation and your clientele.

Ensure you're in compliance with Title 31 regulations today.

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