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Among the many regulations required to be a gaming entity is the need (and requirement) for an internal audit.


What does this mean? You must have an internal auditor who is independent of the department being audited oversee a review of your internal controls. This person can be tricky to find. Not only is their independence essential, but so is their education and the credentials needed.


While this process can be performed by an internal employee, there is great benefit in outsourcing your internal audit requirements to a properly licensed CPA firm.

Outsourcing your internal audit provides a cost-effective way to ensure you're in compliance, all while being aided by professionals who understand the requirements, have the education necessary and maintain their independence from your casino and its daily functions.


With an Eide Bailly professional, you can have confidence your gaming entity is in compliance. But more than that, you can tap into the wealth of casino-related knowledge and insight our professionals provide.

Outsourcing saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

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