Regulatory Consulting

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MERSĀ® compliance doesn't have to consume your time.

The purpose of the MERS® examination is to ensure that your financial institution is meeting the processing and quality assurance responsibilities of MERS® members. To ensure the highest quality examination, you'll want you to focus on the following:
• MERS® Annual report
• Monthly data reconciliation
• Quality assurance plan review
• Verification that applicable party has conducted system to system reconciliation
• Verification of required capture and monitoring of all reject and warning reports
• Validation of appropriate compliance procedures related to MERS® signing officers

Eide Bailly MERS® specialists provide you with in-depth compliance examinations to help financial institutions meet the annual MERSCORP Holdings Quality Assurance requirements. We offer an independent, third-party review of your annual quality control plan and help you meet the strict, frequent and timely reporting requirements of system to system reconciliation of your portfolio. Our services include on-site annual reviews, regular systematic reconciliations and document reviews.

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