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What We Offer

ACH Compliance

Our experienced automated clearing house (ACH) team can help you minimize risks associated with ACH payment processing. A comprehensive ACH examination provides value-added findings and recommendations, and it ensures compliance. We examine your compliance using procedures detailed in Appendix Eight of the Operating rules for ACH, and we provide you with a full report. Our ACH examination team members were former financial institution officers. Their past experiences and expanded knowledge in operations will provide you first-hand solutions to meet your needs.


Compliance with Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and regulations is increasingly complex and subjective. To manage and keep your compliance risk low, you need a risk assessment, bank personnel responsible for the program, internal controls, customer due diligence procedures and training activities designed and tailored specifically for your financial institution. To tailor BSA/AML policies and procedures, you'll want to consider your financial institution’s size, the geographies you serve, the products and services you offer, and other operational functions implemented to mitigate your BSA/AML risk. Noncompliance can be costly. Fortunately, you have resources and expertise available to you to help manage your BSA/AML program.

Compliance Helpline

Our Compliance Helpline helps you get the answers you need when you need them. You get access to a live person who will help you interpret regulatory issues. Our compliance specialists who staff the helpline have an average of 20 years of industry experience.

MERS® Compliance

We provide a MERS® examination to ensure your institution meets the processing and quality assurance responsibilities of MERS® members. Eide Bailly MERS® specialists provide you with in-depth compliance examinations to help you meet the annual MERSCORP Holdings Quality Assurance requirements. We offer an independent, third-party review of your annual quality control plan and help you meet the strict, frequent and timely reporting requirements of system-to-system reconciliation of your portfolio. Our services include on-site annual reviews, regular systematic reconciliations and document reviews.

Mortgage Quality Control

Eide Bailly’s quality control professionals can streamline your mortgage origination workflow. A strong quality control plan is an integral part of the mortgage loan process. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and other government agencies and secondary market mortgage lenders require quality control programs be established before purchasing loans originated by your institution. Re-verification of identity, credit and financial information, in addition to compliance with consumer laws and regulations and fraud prevention, are essential components of your quality control program. We conduct a thorough and detailed review of your lending documentation and processes, ensure compliance issues are addressed, and provide assurance that you’re meeting the specifications of your quality control plan. We provide senior management and your board of directors with an objective and timely assessment of the overall quality of the loan portfolio, which enables them to make better business decisions.

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