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How will your earnings be impacted by interest rate volatility?

In light of the current interest rate environment and greater regulatory pressure to have strong practices in place for managing IRR, third-party IRR assessments are increasing in demand. Boards and senior management teams are expected to understand the impact of changing rates on their institution’s capital and earnings, and must be diligent in implementing various strategies for mitigating any significant adverse exposure identified. An independent IRR review helps ensure an institution has a comprehensive framework—including effective oversight, policies, risk limits and reporting tools—for appropriately managing its risk exposure. An assessment results in greater confidence in the quality of your institution’s IRR management practices.

Our interest rate risk service team includes former bank examiners and bankers who are knowledgeable in sound lending practices, lending guidelines, and relevant laws and regulations affecting interest rate risk for financial institutions. Our goal serving you is to provide a comprehensive interest rate risk assessment that delivers value-added findings and recommendations.

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Gary W. Smith

Partner-in-Charge of Financial Institutions