Energy Incentives (179D)


Being energy efficient can earn you tax deductions.

Energy efficiency deductions and tax credits are available to businesses, but you might not know if you qualify. The current deductions/credits available are the Section 179D deduction and the Section 45L credit.

You could qualify if:

  • You are renovating an existing structure or building a new building.
  • You are a building owner in the construction and real estate industries who uses energy efficient lighting or HVAC.
  • You are a general contractor, electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, supplier, architect or engineer.
  • You own a 10-unit or larger residential building including apartment buildings, townhomes or assisted living facilities.

You could save:

  • Up to $1.80 per square foot for the Section 179D deduction
  • $2,000 per qualifying unit for the Section 45L tax credit

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Joe Sawatske

Joe Sawatske

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