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The right estate plan can help you see the big picture.

You have dreams and goals related to your wealth and estate, and the best way to achieve them is through a holistic approach. You’ll have different objectives throughout your life, such as:

 - retirement plans

 - charitable giving goals

 - ensuring your family is taken care of


Each of these comes with its own unique concerns and needs, and addressing them can seem like a big project. You may even be stuck on how to identify your goals in the first place. If you're looking for ideas, opportunities and customized solutions, a review or the creation of an estate plan could be your next step. You'll gain peace of mind knowing your family and estate will be cared for if you map your future plans.

Our professionals will work with you every step of the way to develop a plan that accomplishes your goals. We can help you identify and prioritize your objectives, determine available wealth, plan for success, and value and position your assets to maximize their contribution to your goals. Our holistic approach involves tax professionals, financial advisors, business advisors, estate planners and business valuation analysts who can help you meet your estate planning needs. 

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Ava J. Archibald

Principal-in-Charge of Wealth Transition Services