Affordable Housing

Inspired to achieve maximum economic benefits while staying compliant

Understanding the costs is the best way to avoid delays.

There are numerous costs that go into an affordable housing project. From general building costs to the range of federal and state programs and investor requirements, there's a lot on your plate.


Take for instance, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. There are significant legal and due diligence requirements that investors and Housing Finance Agencies may have.


All of these circumstances have a direct impact on budgeting for a project, as well as raising capital investment. Plus, not understanding the comprehensive project costs can lead to serious delays and possible loss of income.

Our affordable housing industry team can help you understand the full array of costs associated with your project. We do this through significant experience with affordable housing development and trusted relationships with contacts and contractors in a number of states.


This type of access and information allows you to create a budget and enlist the financing necessary to cover the costs of your affordable housing project. Then you can focus on building economic benefit, rather than delays.

Create a realistic budget for your project today.

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Shannon N. Breuer

Partner-in-Charge of Affordable Housing