Affordable Housing

Inspired to achieve maximum economic benefits while staying compliant

Small changes can shift you toward greater success.

You've closed the deal and completed the development of your affordable housing project. Now, you're caught up in the day-to-day operations and don't have the opportunity to step back for a big-picture look.


An annual review of the financial health of your development can expose improvements that may lead to even more success and a financially sound future.


Further, a review can help you remain in compliance, ensuring no threat to your tax credit eligibility or HUD-mandated cost certification, among other requirements. Then you can truly focus on the continued success of your development, rather than focus on regulations and compliance.

Our affordable housing team can help you with an annual review of your project, including asset management consulting, property audits, internal control and process review, and more. Whether you have one project, or a whole portfolio, we're here to help ensure your property can achieve even greater success.

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Shannon N. Breuer

Partner-in-Charge of Affordable Housing