Welcome to the Estate Planners Council of Southern Minnesota!

The Estate Planners Council of Southern Minnesota (EPCSM) is a nonprofit organization serving professionals involved in financial and estate planning. The Council’s primary objective is to provide a better understanding of the services performed by professionals who are substantially involved in estate planning—such as attorneys, insurance agents, trust officers, accountants, and financial advisors—and to promote cooperation among them.

Our meetings provide a channel for discussion of various up-to-date planning topics of common interest. In addition to sharing beneficial information and technical content, our meetings afford our members the opportunity to network, meet with old friends, and make new connections within the professional community.

The Estate Planners Council of Southern Minnesota is working to become  member of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC). By joining the EPCSM, you’ll gain both a local network as well as access to the additional benefits and resources available to all NAEPC council members.

The cost of Annual Membership is $149 and comes with a number of benefits including access to education, networking and resources on a local and national level. Checks should be made payable to the Estate Planners Council of Southern Minnesota, Inc. 

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Upcoming Events

What's the Plan? A collaborative Look at Estate Planning
Tuesday, July 31, 2018 3:00-5:00PM CST


What you need to know about the Estate Planners Council of Southern Minnesota:

How often and when will meetings/events be held?
While nothing has been set in stone, the Council anticipates having at least three to four educational meetings in 2018…likely in February, May, September and November. Our plan is to not meet during the summer.

Where will the meetings and events be held?
EPCSM meetings and events will be held at various venues and locations. We hope to support our members and meet the needs of our entire southern Minnesota community by offering web options as well.

Are learning credits available?
The Council is considering the option of providing learning credits but will not be doing so at this time. Due to the expense and administrative burden to apply for the credits, we decided not to make them available this year.

Who can become a member of EPCSM?
Any professional who is substantially involved in estate planning including attorneys, insurance agents, trust officers, accountings, and financial advisors.

How was the membership fee determined?
After the initial informational gathering, a survey was sent to all attendees. Their feedback suggested that up to $300 would be fair. So, since we are still working out a few kinks and not offering continuing education credits, the committee thought a $149 annual membership fee seemed fair.

What will the money be used for?
Membership fees will be used to attain highly qualified regional speakers for EPCSM events and to pay our dues to the national association of estate planning councils.