I’d Like To Avoid Tax Reform Surprises

A good goal for all.

If President Trump achieves his vision to reform the U.S. Tax Code, all of us are in for some big changes. Anticipate what could come by staying informed on the discussion.

Stay informed with tax news and updates in 5 easy ways.

Are you interested in staying up to date with important tax news and legislative updates that may impact your business or individual situation?  There are many resources that help professionals stay informed, but it can be difficult to find resources that provide unbiased accounts of opportunities, challenges and recent law modifications. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. The following are a few resources to help.

  1. Eide Bailly’s Tax News and Views: These short and simplified articles are delivered directly to your inbox, and contain the latest tax legislation along with details about how it may apply to your business or individual situation. We sift through the codes and information, provide practical application and information that’s relevant and easy to read. And, if you need more information, you can reply directly to the email to be put in touch with a professional who can discuss your specific situation.
  2. Tax Trends Webinar Series: A monthly educational webinar hosted by our specialty service teams.  Attendees have the opportunity to earn CPE.   
  3. Eide Bailly’s website, blogs and industry specific newsletters: These resources offer additional insight and information related to the opportunities and challenges you’re facing.
  4. IRS Website: The IRS website also has information related to tax legislation. However, the information is technical and is often pulled directly from the section code. 
  5. State Tax Authority Website: These websites offer current information about recent state tax law changes. Although posted, it can be difficult to determine whether or not they are relevant to your situation.

Ultimately, contacting your Eide Bailly professional is key to planning for tax success. Through our thorough interpretation of current tax rules and regulations, we can guide you to the facts you need to know and provide the necessary information to keep your business and/or individual situation running smoothly.


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