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Decipher Forensics is Now Eide Bailly

We are pleased to announce that as of January 8th, 2018 we have changed. We now offer more services, more locations and more professionals to serve you.

The passion behind Eide Bailly is to exceed client expectations while providing deadline driven computer forensics, electronic discovery, and cell phone forensic services.  In each of these practices, Eide Bailly has trained professionals to fulfil your requests.

No two cases are the same. Therefore, Eide Bailly offers multiple solutions for your case needs. From pre-planning and data preservation to data collection we work with you to ensure that the scope of your case is met and that your expectations are exceeded. Eide Bailly has a team of eDiscovery consultants and expert witness forensic examiners if your case requires digital forensics analysis.

Our eDiscovery review platform is cloud-based and available nearly anywhere you are. It is simple, easy to use, and you can be fully trained in under an hour. On top of that we have a series of short videos to help walk you through the platform, should you need to be refreshed.

eDiscovery is supposed to benefit the case/client is several ways.

  • First, it should allow the legal professional the ability to navigate through a literal mountain of documents at nearly the speed of light. It can let a single person act as a team of a dozen or more.
  • Second, it should reduce the cost for the client over traditional page by page review. Lawyers used to sit in large rooms with dozens if not hundreds of boxes of documents looking for the smoking gun of a case. Today this is not needed due to most documents being in digital form and modern technology speeding up the process without the need for a host of lawyers looking for a single document.
  • Third, it should allow the reviewer to work within the confines of the review tool without needing a Master’s degree or specialized training to do so. Fourth, you should have the ability to review deleted data. Deleted data on any type of media can be just what your cases need. While it is often overlooked in eDiscovery cases it can open doors that otherwise didn’t exist in your case.  
  • Lastly, the vendor should have the ability to forensically collect data from nearly any source requested. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, servers, cloud accounts, social media, websites, thumb drives, SD cards, Micro SD cards, DVD’s, CDs and more.

Our processing and review platform can:

  • Collect and process email and scanned images easily with simple “drag & drop” features
  • Upload and process 2 TB of data for review in as little as 24 hours
  • More

Computer Forensics goes hand in hand with eDiscovery. Our forensic cases have included, litigation, intellectual property, employment, homicide, kidnapping, divorce, custody, missing persons, child exploitation, internal affairs, hacking/data breach, corporate espionage, wrongful death, personal injury, fraud, and embezzlement. Read more…

Eide Bailly has performed its computer forensics services for thousands of clients. We have served our clients in 42 different states and three foreign countries. Computer forensics is our passion. Let us see how we can assist you.