We Support Our Military Veterans

Eide Bailly is proud to hire veterans and active-duty service men and women.

Leadership, relationships, innovation and passion are what makes for a successful culture and career here at Eide Bailly. We believe your strength of purpose, commitment to excellence and dedication to teamwork are an ideal cultural fit. Whether you are in school, an experienced professional or transitioning out, we have opportunities for you.


Shelley Gramling
Senior Manager | Tax

Working as a tax senior manager, there are a number of skillsets needed in order to provide the quality service our clients demand and deserve. Skills such as leadership, discipline (those tax deadlines aren’t flexible) and accountability, to name a few, are essential. I’m grateful my military background has given me a solid foundation to build on for all of them. I am a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, having served for almost 22 years. Something I’ve carried with me from my time in the military is the concept of “People First, Mission ALWAYS.” When we take care of our people and train them well, they’re equipped to provide our clients the quality and timely service they deserve!

Tyler Jones
Audit Manager
Oklahoma City

In the military, you often find yourself working with a very diverse group of people. People from different cultures, backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and ethnicities. As a former Army Sargent, I believe this experience has built my success as an Audit Manager here at Eide Bailly. Everyday I’m either interacting with co-workers, clients or employees who all come diverse backgrounds, and my military experience helps me navigate this complex area of my work. During my time as a leader in the Army, I learned leadership does not always involve just telling someone what to do. While that can be part of it, it is important to recognize everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to help them improve professionally and personally. I learned that a leader works for the team and not the other way around!

Trina Michels
Senior Manager | Business Development & NetSuite

Part of Eide Bailly’s mission statement is “to serve passionately and intelligently.” I’ve always loved this statement because it reminds me of the passion and intelligence that I experienced with fellow soldiers during my time in the military.

With the ever-changing environment we live in today, I’m grateful to have served our country. One of the key skill sets I learned, and still use today, is the ability to adapt. Knowing how to adjust to conditions that are put before us and leveraging them to thrive has made me successful in technology consulting.

While I am no longer in the military, I get to experience the sweet taste of camaraderie and serving a higher purpose. My colleagues and I hold ourselves and each other accountable for the overall success of our clients — very similar to the military, where it’s the success of the unit. It’s a mission of which I am proud to take part.

Steven Weingarten
Senior Associate | Tax Controversy and Procedure

In today’s environment, it seems like there is no shortage of conflict and disagreement. As a Human Intelligence Team Leader in the Army, understanding how to work with people beginning from a point of confrontation or conflict was a necessity for everyday success, and that has greatly impacted and supported my time here at Eide Bailly as a Tax Controversy and Procedure Senior Associate. Being able to adapt and work with others in a manner they are most comfortable with has been an asset in not only working with our clients, but the IRS and other state agencies as well.

Our background and life experiences help frame our personal biases and how we approach conflict. In Tax Controversy and Procedure, most new conversations start with a problem, whether it is a client being audited, receiving a notice for a balance due, or looking for options on how to address a matter impacting their business. Being able to adapt to best meet the client’s needs in their unique situation and focusing on the end goal for success is necessary. Being rigid and refusing to adjust to the situation at hand only complicates the matter.

Regardless of our position within Eide Bailly, we all face new situations on a reoccurring basis and our past experiences help shape how we approach these situations. By focusing on the task at hand, being respectful of differences in opinion, and being open to approaching an issue in a new way, we can accomplish any task. From there, the original conflict/problem builds camaraderie, our differences become our strengths, and Eide Bailly, and our teams, become more than the sum of our parts.

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