We Support Our Military Veterans

Eide Bailly is proud to hire veterans and active-duty service men and women.

Leadership, relationships, innovation and passion are what makes for a successful culture and career here at Eide Bailly. We believe your strength of purpose, commitment to excellence and dedication to teamwork are an ideal cultural fit. Whether you are in school, an experienced professional or transitioning out, we have opportunities for you.


Paul Skeen
Partner | Audit
Salt Lake City

There are many things my time in the military as taught me. Serving passionately with integrity is one of them. I’ve been with Eide Bailly for over 23 years now and I’m grateful to serve this firm as an audit partner in our Salt Lake City, Utah office. And although its been awhile since serving in the United State Navy, I’m proud of my time there and equally proud of the work I do today. To find something you love isn’t always easy. And just like in the service, every job has its highs and lows, but if you can find something you’re truly passionate about, you’ll find success.” The Navy taught me to look at a situation with more than one perspective and as I advise businesses on their financial goals I use this same thinking.

Alec Spillum
Campaign Project Coordinator

As an Air Force veteran, I learned a great deal about integrity, discipline, and teamwork. As it turns out, that is exactly what employers are looking for in a candidate. Although my background in military operations is different than other’s business operations rolls, I was able and welcomed to take my military experiences with me to Eide Bailly where I now serve and feel valued in our marketing team as a Campaign Project Coordinator.

Carrie Arne Rossow
Senior Associate

Having a dual career while serving in the military was no easy task. As a veteran of 21 years in the North Dakota Army National Guard I served in two deployments and countless State emergency missions. I learned quickly that organizational skills, motivation to do a job right, and the support and care for others were key factors for success in both my civilian and military career. Eide Bailly was a key component in my military success all the way through my First Sergeant assignment. Partners and staff were extremely supportive of my military service. My career development plan budgeted for time I expected to be away for drill weekends and annual trainings if they interfered with normal working days. There were numerous times I had to leave for a State emergency mission within 24 hours. I could not have done that without routinely organizing my client projects to team members, as well as having an arsenal of supportive team members and partners willing to assist.

The skills and life lessons that I transferred from my military career are countless. Work hard, have fun with every job, laugh at your mistakes but keep moving, use your resources (people and equipment), trust team members to get the job done, provide clear and concise communication (verbal and written), support the development and success of others, and always leave a project better than when you got it. I have a strong understanding that there are decisions being made every day at all levels that affect others so be willing to give a little grace to those making those decisions. Some day you may be the person on top making decisions for those below so keep an open mind and solicit for feedback.

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