A Game Changer ...


Ross is MORE than an accountant—he’s an athlete. By understanding his capabilities and the dynamics of a situation, he is able to change gears and take action quickly.

When health care reform was ushered in with the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, there was no shortage of opinions on the law. Some saw the changes as good, some saw them as bad, but Ross Manson had his own take.

“I dug into the legislation as part of our first speaking engagement about the law, and I realized there was an excellent opportunity for our Firm,” Ross says.

“It was clear this was going to affect everyone—our clients, our staff, all individuals. People were going to need help to navigate these changes.”

Soon after that, Ross set things in motion for adding health care reform as a new service area for the Firm. It took time, partly because it was such a hot political topic, but Ross worked on getting people on board and putting together the right team. “There was a lot of planning with the training department simply because this was new. It was not a traditional area, so we had to figure out how to get people up to speed and give them the tools to present and talk to clients about it. But things really pulled together when we got our office champions trained.”

Ross and his team have since proven there is tremendous opportunity for this service area, and like a well-trained offense they continue to find ways to keeping moving forward. “Our group has probably had more than 300 speaking opportunities on health care reform, and it keeps growing. It’s brought Eide Bailly great brand recognition and generated a lot of conversations with clients, who appreciate having a trusted source for this information.”

Innovation has allowed Ross to be more than an accountant—he’s a game changer and an athlete.

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