A Balanced Approach ...


John is MORE than a transaction consultant—he’s an entrepreneur. John has ample time to grow with his family and nurture his interests and hobbies thanks to a strong work/life balance.

John Waldock is no stranger to hard work. He’s had positions at major Wall Street firms and mid-size businesses that demanded a lot of time and effort, and led to a successful career. Those long hours didn’t come without a trade-off, though.

“I have three young children, and it’s very important to me to be able to attend their sporting events and school concerts, to be there for them, generally speaking,” John says. “With my previous employers, I wasn’t able to do as much of those things. Eide Bailly allows me the flexibility to spend more time with my family.”

John appreciates the freedom he has at Eide Bailly to define his schedule and his approach as head of transaction advisory services, a service area he was tasked with establishing. Like buying or selling a business, he understands a good work/life balance requires satisfaction on both sides of the equation. “The Firm generally takes the view that if you are getting your work done, producing results, and most importantly providing great service to clients, you should have ample opportunity to balance life with work.”

That means John has time to be with his family and build his stake in his other interests, including mentoring University of Minnesota undergraduates and fellow Eide Bailly colleagues, and taking an ownership role in a local Twin Cities restaurant, Ike’s Food and Cocktails. It’s all the result of Eide Bailly’s culture in action. “The culture at Eide Bailly is the best I have been a part of,” John says. “The autonomy and trust to make decisions and grow a service area with extremely intelligent, kind and humble colleagues is a refreshing, unique and truly enjoyable experience.”

Balance has allowed John to be more than a transaction consultant—he’s a father and an entrepreneur.