Driven By Technology ...


D.C. Lucas is MORE than a technology consultant—he’s a coach. His ability to know his team’s strengths and anticipate what’s coming next has helped him grow the Firm’s technology consulting practice.

D.C. Lucas has a vision of the future. Ask him what the next 10 years hold for technology, and he will tell you he sees more Internet-connected devices and cloud computing—and a lot more opportunity for the technology consulting services area at Eide Bailly. “I think we’re going to become a much more data-centric, data-driven society, not just from a business perspective, but from a consumer perspective as well,” D.C. says. “That’s where it’s going to get fun. People and organizations are going to expect a lot more from their data—they’re going to demand a better experience because of the increase in information.”

Helping people get more from their data is a big component of D.C.’s technology consulting work, and also one of the reasons the service is such a good fit for a CPA firm. “CPAs have always worked with financial data that’s critical to clients. But now, with the ever-advancing ways to capture, secure and deliver data, our group has the capability to help clients execute on that data in ways that really add value. It’s great synergy.”

D.C. has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry with both large and small companies, and what he’s found at Eide Bailly is similar to what he looks for as a basketball, soccer and softball coach—the right mix of people with the right winning attitude. “Eide Bailly encourages a consultative approach and rewards entrepreneurship, which fits perfectly with what we do in technology consulting. I’ve had nothing but opportunity here—both in strengthening our team and our service area.”

Growth has allowed D.C. to become more than a technology consultant—he’s a leader and a coach.