Making a Positive Impact Inside and Outside of the Office

It’s no secret that culture speaks volumes about a company. Many companies often have similar values—trust, teamwork, innovation and customer service—and these values are important factors to build on. But if core values are the foundation, culture is the mortar that cements it all together. And at the heart of Eide Bailly culture is a commitment to serving the communities in which we live.

Leaders and staff at Eide Bailly know the future depends on the actions we take today. The firm strongly believes that part of the responsibility in being a good corporate citizen lies in helping enrich our surrounding communities.

Investing in a Cause

To encourage staff to lend their voluntary support and positively impact quality of life in their communities, the firm grants each professional eight hours of paid volunteer time each year to support charitable organizations and causes of their choosing.

Some staff members choose to donate their time serving on professional or nonprofit boards or committees—from national groups like the American Institute of CPAs and United Way to local organizations like mutual aid groups, churches and various fundraisers.

In other instances, staff take the initiative to go out on their own, volunteering for causes closest to their heart. For some, that means building homes for Habitat for Humanity or sharing career knowledge with students in Junior Achievement. And for others, it means supporting health and medical causes that affect their family or friends personally.

In many cases, volunteering as a group is recognized as the most meaningful team-building activity staff experience throughout the year. Many groups even put in hours beyond the allocated eight to further invest in their community.

In FY 2020, Eide Bailly employees contributed a total of 3,955 individual volunteer hours. Group volunteer time as an office or department includes an additional 3,828 hours. Those numbers—along with professional and nonprofit board involvement—combined for grand total of 21,159 hours company wide. That’s approximately 882 days of volunteer time combined across the company… in one year!

Building a Better Community Together

We love our spreadsheets here, but volunteering is about so much more than the numbers to us. It’s the stories of resilience, the coming together for a cause, and the joyful memories we share when looking back on the impacts we’ve made.

In Colorado, Eide Bailly’s four offices have united to create the Colorado Philanthropy Committee, connecting staff from Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction and Boulder. The committee schedules activities that align with the staff members’ interests, including work with United Way, Project Angel Heart, American Lung Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and many other organizations.

“We’ve really grown our Colorado Philanthropy Committee opportunities from collecting money to wear jeans on Fridays to hosting quarterly blood drives in each office, as well as monthly volunteer events and yearly giving campaigns with United Way and Colorado Gives Day,” said Amy DeGeorge, Regional Learning Manager in the Denver office.

Similar to our Colorado offices, our Minneapolis, Minn. office has a Community Service Committee that organizes opportunities for Partners and staff to give back. Each month highlights a specific organization and cause, and the committee is able to connect with a wide variety of local organizations. In the past year, they have collected school supplies, Christmas toys and children’s books, cleaned up a local park, participated in a run for the humane society and made donations to local food shelves in communities that are experiencing food deserts. They also frequently serve food at the Ronald McDonald House of the Twin Cities and participate in larger United Way campaigns. 

Our Fargo, N.D. office is proud to support the United Way of Cass Clay as a LIVE UNITED Partner. In addition to this partnership, the office enjoys running a campaign every year to support the organization. This year, we hosted a school supply drive, during which we nearly tripled our goal in preparing supplies and backpacks for children in the community.

In Sioux Falls, S.D., the office closes once per year to hold an Annual Community Day where staff and Partners spend the day outside working on various projects. Each year, the teams make an effort to mix with colleagues whom they don’t often work with, so they can get to know one another better while contributing to the community in new ways. The last two events have taken place at the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum—a crown jewel of Sioux Falls—replacing yards and yards of fencing, adding fill to walking trails, clearing away brush and weeding the many gardens.

“We have fun, create bonds with our colleagues, work hard, and, best of all, make our community a more beautiful place,” said Jessica Armstrong, Manager in Sioux Falls. “At the end of the day, everyone walks away knowing we have made a difference.”

Eide Bailly knows that lending a hand in the community breeds compassion and builds character in each and every staff member. Not only do the thousands of hours donated make an impact, the connections that are made are hard to replicate anywhere else. At Eide Bailly, this core cultural component of volunteering is just one of the many ways we live our culture statement: by going the extra mile, promoting positive relationships, and having fun!