Your Application Guide

understand the hiring process

The perfect career is staring you in the face—and you can’t wait to apply! It only takes 2 - 5 minutes to express an interest in a position with Eide Bailly. Here are steps to follow to ensure we get your information into the right hands so that you can be considered for the opportunity:

  1. Prepare your resume! Even the best of the best need a great tool to showcase their skills, experience and more.  Haven’t refreshed your resume in years?  We’ve got some great tips here.
  2. Click on “Search Careers” from our Careers Page so you can search for your dream job in your dream location. Click on the job title to view more details regarding the position.
  3. Click on apply once you’re ready. You will be prompted to create a profile in order to enter information and upload your profile.
  4. Complete the required sections of the profile so that we have your accurate contact information and can get in touch with you.
  5. Tell us how you found the position. If you were referred by someone, be sure to mention their name. We love our referrals!
  6. Upload your resume by choosing from a variety of methods (upload from your desktop, use your LinkedIn profile, copy/paste or type in your resume information, upload from Google Docs or pull it from Drop Box). Whatever method you use, make sure your resume clearly outlines all of your expertise and education.
  7. Complete the Equal Employment Opportunity Information disclosure. If you don’t want to share your EEO information, you can opt out. But we hope you choose to complete it so that we can see if our diversity efforts are working. 
  8. Complete the Data Protection Statement so that we know that you know how your data will be used—which is always safely and securely!
  9. Answer a few preliminary questions so we have some basic information.
  10. Wait to receive a notification via text or email (whichever you prefer) that your resume has been received!

You may pause the application process at any timejust save your work and remember your login and password. When you are ready to resume the process, you will log in through the “Sign In” link found in the upper, right-hand corner of the “Search Careers” screen.

Thank you for expressing an interest in Eide Baillyand good luck!

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