Everyday Adventure ...


Shauna is MORE than an accountant—she’s an explorer. She considers each day an adventure and looks for new opportunities around every corner.

Shauna Shafer feels fortunate to have grown, both personally and professionally, with the help of several mentors in her career. As a result, she’s emerging as a leader. “When I started with the Firm, I gravitated toward a partner who had overcome work-life balance challenges similar to what I was facing. This trailblazing female offered perspective and guidance,” Shauna says.

As Shauna grew in her position and career, other mentors emerged, and she has several current mentors who she can turn to for candid feedback regarding her career and for help with client relationships. “My career advisor is someone with the wisdom and life experiences to help me through hard situations, and I have other long-term mentors who are not afraid to have hard conversations that will help me grow.”

As a tax senior manager and an office leader for Eide Bailly’s women’s initiative, First Focus, Shauna understands only so much can be learned from books, lectures and courses. She shares her life experiences, and draws on her mentor’s lessons, to teach others in the Firm.

Through continuous exploration, be it in tax code or the great outdoors, Shauna guides others to discover their full potential. “It is truly gratifying to be able to mentor staff and continue the tradition that helped me mold my career.”

Eide Bailly’s strong culture naturally encourages mentorship. “You’ll find mentors everywhere because our culture promotes trusting and caring for one another. First Focus is a perfect example. I believe it will help secure our future by ensuring that the best talent and leadership stay with the Firm.”

Mentorship has empowered Shauna to be more than an accountant—she’s a leader and an explorer.