Focused Impact ...


Shannon is MORE than an international tax accountant—she’s a martial artist. A mind for global business takes focus, skill and the ability to see through—and break down—barriers.

Shannon Lemmon had a big task ahead of her when she joined Eide Bailly—to develop a strong international tax practice for the Firm. But like the other challenges she’s faced in her life, she knew what it would take to make the practice successful. “It’s similar to an entrepreneur starting a new business,” Shannon says. “We were growing a service line, while striving to maintain a mission and vision that our team believed in. We needed a team that was passionate about client service and willing to stretch their capabilities. Over the course of a year, we built relationships across the Firm and created both an awareness of our service and a strong international tax team.”

Developing strong relationships with her team and Firm staff is similar to how she approaches Tae Kwon Do, which she started studying with her kids in order to connect with them. “My kids and I are able to build confidence, focus and skill together, and I want to create a similar experience with my team members,” Shannon says. “I want them to draw on their individual strengths and help them discover what excites and inspires them.

I want them to feel satisfaction in knowing they are a part of something bigger than their individual success.”

Now, as a partner in the Firm and with a team in place, the impact of Shannon’s work is noticeable. “We’ve been able to demonstrate that there is a very high demand for our specialty services and that the growth of our practice brings value to our client relationships,” Shannon explains.

Shannon’s impact on the Firm shows she’s more than an international tax accountant—she’s a team builder and a martial artist.