Casting for the Future ...


Ben Ellingson is MORE than an accountant—he’s a fisherman. Ben understands that patience, the right environment and seeing a task through are the best way to get results when leading others.

Ben Ellingson has seen his roles steadily evolve in the years since he joined Eide Bailly as part of an acquisition. One of the most rewarding aspects of that rise has been the chance to hone his leadership skills. “I serve as a career advisor with the Firm, as an informal advocate for a handful of staff, and as a mentor for several outside organizations,” says Ben. “And in each of those experiences, I learn as much from those I help as I could ever impart. We’re all learning and growing at the same time.”

Mutual trust and respect is a large part of leading others, Ben says. “A leader needs to know how to listen and how to create a supportive environment, as well as understand that it’s not just about delegation. As a leader, you have to have integrity and follow through with what’s expected of you. The wheels will come off quickly if you’re not accountable.”

Eide Bailly’s caring and supportive culture emphasizes taking an active role in our communities and industries; this has allowed Ben to be a leader wherever he is needed, whether it’s co-chairing our First Focus women’s initiative, helping a local organization, serving on AICPA boards or helping to teach his children one of his favorite pastimes—fishing. The Firm’s nurturing culture has also allowed Ben the opportunity to move to the Firm’s Mankato office to serve as its partner-in-charge.

“At Eide Bailly, I’ve always been able to follow where my passion leads me. Our Firm is full of staff who are motivated self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit. We do a great job of living our culture,” Ben says.

Leadership has allowed Ben to be more than an accountant—he’s a mentor and a fisherman.