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So, What Does an Eide Bailly Career Look Like?
Whether you’ve accepted an offer or are still just considering applying for an open position here at Eide Bailly, it’s important to know what you can expect once you come on board. We promise our professionals a work experience like none other, and we deliver on that promise with a company culture that encourages growth, promotes from within and celebrates achievement.

When you join our team, it’s just the beginning. However, a lot of our professionals quickly find that it’s more than that—Eide Bailly is often the beginning and ending, a firm where people stay and build a lifelong career. You will discover an ocean of opportunities for advancement, career development and specialization should you find a practice area that ignites your passion. Whatever you want to do (within reason, of course; we are still accountants!), wherever you want to go, we will do our best to help you get there. Here’s how …

An Advisor, Not a Boss
We do things a bit differently at Eide Bailly, starting right from day one. Our goal is to support one another, focusing on strengths and opportunities to improve. When you start, you will be paired up with an Eide Guide AND a career advisor to help you acclimate to your new role, as well as coach you in your career development.

Your Eide Guide is there to help you from day one.  They are your go-to person for any question – BIG or small.  Your first couple of weeks will make you feel like you are on information overload – and your Eide Guide will help make that more manageable.

You will also be introduced to your career advisor.  You and your advisor will meet often at first to set expectations and help you understand how to meet them. From then on, you two will formally meet throughout the year to review your accomplishments, discuss any challenges and make any necessary updates to your career plan. You and your career advisor may meet often or periodically and formally or informally—it’s up to you.  The ultimate goal of the career advisor program is to give each professional a chance to have a say in his or her career. We hired you for your skills, but also for who you are. We trust and value your input as much as we value the service you provide to our clients.   With that trust, you are given a lot of control over your individual career path.

Career Development at Eide Bailly
As you two get to know each other, your advisor will gain a better understanding of what motivates you, what your strengths are, and your opportunities to grow. He or she will ensure you are given the extra responsibilities you need to develop as a professional and will keep you “on the radar” whenever the right leadership opportunity may arise. At Eide Bailly, there are ample opportunities to serve on committees and take on additional roles within the company. Your advisor will make sure you never miss a chance to step up and achieve.

While we have developed a process we feel pretty comfortable with, we’re also not opposed to making changes to better serve the needs of our professionals. And wouldn’t you know it … as accountants, we even have a system to keep our system in check! We call them roundtables, where everyone gathers together—from senior management to new hires—to reflect on past performance and future needs. As you evolve in your career, we do, too, and roundtables help everyone stay on the same page (or ledger, as the case may be).

Though we accountants like to work in nice round numbers that get us seamlessly from point A to point B, we also recognize that careers don’t always follow a singular, even logical track. Again, we hired you because of who you are, and we are always delighted to see what trajectory you take once you’re here. That being said, here’s a typical career path for a typical tax or accounting professional:

  • Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager/Director
  • Partner/Principal

And during your career, you may find an opportunity to specialize in a specific industry or area.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Audit and Assurance
    • Industry specializations in health care, banks & financial institutions, not for profit, real estate & construction, insurance, manufacturing, oil & gas – just to name a few
  • Tax Services
    • Corporate
    • Individual
    • Wealth Management
    • International Service
    • State and Local Taxation
    • IRS Controversy
  • Forensic & Valuation

You will also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of committees or programs within the Firm:

  • First Focus – initiative focused on retention of women in the workplace
  • EB Xchange – opportunity for staff to explore a Specialty Services area of Eide Bailly such as:
    • Forensic & Investigative Services
    • Cost Segregation
    • Technology Consulting
    • Health Care Consulting
    • International Tax
    • IRS Controversy
    • Business Valuation
    • R&D - Tax
  • Community Service Committee – helping their office identify ways to give back to the community
  • Social Committee – finding opportunities for the office to have fun through planned social events
  • Recruiting Committee – taking part in recruitment efforts on campus or for experienced hires
  • Industry Association Groups
  • Training
  • Dozens more!

Fourteen states, 32 locations, nearly 2,000 professionals. With a firm the size of Eide Bailly, you can expect opportunities to advance, to grow and to develop the career you want. With the help of your advisor, you will take the leading role in defining your own success. We look forward to celebrating with you along the way!

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